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AbaNDa SHAKE – BLUE-N-YELLOW – official music video

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It DID FINALLY happen! : ) Here’s OUR song, the FIRST result of AbaNDa SHAKE (Natali Dali & Dimitris Krist)’s collaboration with Mark O’Reilly (IRELAND) as the sponsor of this song’s recording!!! Please, listen and enjoy. We are 1 year and 1 month late from the promised term, but you know about all the hardships we’ve been going through here, and it’s always better late than never. : ) We hope the song has that peculiar Ukrainian-N-Irish spirit, somewhat rebellous and patriotic. We did our best, and we are very GRATEFUL to Mark for having helped us in our tough times. Wishing you the best! Stay loved and blessed. ♥♥♥

@ DINAMIX Audio Studio & DINAVID Video Studio 2013 © DINAHIT MUSIC

Natali Dali: Наталья Даль (Natalya Dal) > AbaILa DRIVE > AbaNDa SHAKE = Наталья Антонова (Natalia Antonova) – 26 Jan 1972, Nikolayev, Ukraine (USSR)

Dimitris Krist = Дмитрий Ильяшенко (Dmitriy Ilyashenko, Dmytro Iliashenko) – 1 Sep 1961, Nikolayev, Ukraine (USSR)