AbaNDa SHAKE – CROOK – official music visual

~The official music visual for AbaNDa SHAKE‘s “CROOK” is here – welcome to enjoy and share! ♥♥ @ DINAMIX Audio Studio & DINAVID Video Studio 2013 © DINAHIT MUSIC Kyyiv UKRAINE


So I ought
To share my beaten thoughts,
To say my bitter words
And, maybe, to rebate your swords.
It’s never late
To stop your heartless fate,
To start new beats instead,
To change the clock, ulock the grate.” – lyrics by Natali Dali of AbaNDa SHAKE “CROOK” *ND# ♥♥ © DINAHIT MUSIC


Natali Dali: Наталья Даль (Natalya Dal) > AbaILa DRIVE > AbaNDa SHAKE = Наталья Антонова (Natalia Antonova) – 26 Jan 1972, Nikolayev, Ukraine (USSR)

Dimitris Krist = Дмитрий Ильяшенко (Dmitriy Ilyashenko, Dmytro Iliashenko) – 1 Sep 1961, Nikolayev, Ukraine (USSR)


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