AbaNDa SHAKE – I DON’T CARE – Official Music Visual Premiere


*”…I don’t care about envious eyes,
I don’t care about painful lies,
I forget the insults
My heart.
I don’t care about tears behind,
I know where regret is to hide –
I pretend for this while
A child
And smile…” (lyrics by Natali Dali of AbaNDa SHAKE “I DON’T CARE”) *ND# ♥♥ 2013 © DINAHIT MUSIC


Natali Dali: Наталья Даль (Natalya Dal) > AbaILa DRIVE > AbaNDa SHAKE = Наталья Антонова (Natalia Antonova) – 26 Jan 1972, Nikolayev, Ukraine (USSR)

Dimitris Krist = Дмитрий Ильяшенко (Dmitriy Ilyashenko, Dmytro Iliashenko) – 1 Sep 1961, Nikolayev, Ukraine (USSR)


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